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Anton Örarbäck is an independent music maker, producer, mixer and musician based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He works with lots of different projects in the music industry spanning from creating music for commercials such as Electrolux and Polestar, recording and producing indie acts like Balloon Maker, Loveling and Wittmar. He’s also a great mixer mainly for his own band Balloon Maker.

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Electrolux – Make it last

He will help you through the whole music-making process. Whether it comes to writing, producing, recording, mixing or just talk about music. He’s a great musician, creative worker and listener.

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Balloon Maker - M.Boy

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Marika Wittmar - Ghosts

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Balloon Maker - Grew Grass Taller

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+46(0)73-680 96 94
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Anton Örarbäck
Kapplandsgatan 58
414 78 Göteborg

+46(0)73-680 96 94